Prisma Daps detects up to just over 2.5 meters 

When a request to get a green man is made, Prisma Daps begins to monitor the presence within the detection zone.
The area of the detection zone can be set up to 2.6 meters.
If the person who made the request leaves the detection zone, Prisma Daps detects the absence after communicating with the other
Prisma Daps at the intersection – so that no one else is waiting – and then plays a message to indicate that the request will be canceled.
If someone enters the detection zone while the message is playing, the request remains. 

Detection in different directions 

  • Sensor function for touchless demand
  • The sensor detects a pedestrian at a distance of up to 2.6 meters. 
  • The sensor detects up to 40° on each side. 
  • The sensor is sensitive 20° upwards and 20° downwards. 


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