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  • Donation with sustainability in mind

Donation with sustainability in mind

By reusing fully functional elbow switches, we contribute to a more circular society. "We always try to think about what we can do to contribute"...

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Mount Prisma Button outdoors

The elbow switch Prisma Button is well prepared for life outdoors. For durability: drill a drainage hole in the marked recess on the bottom lid and the elbow switch is good to go.

  • Prisma Button

With Prisma Button, anyone can open the door

Everybody needs support. In one way or another. Perhaps, you are holding onto a rollator? You are possibly not very eager to loosen your grip of the frame, when you are out exercising? With Prisma Button...

  • Prisma Button

Prisma Button – How do I choose the right model?

Prisma Button fits all environments. There are multiple models and various settings through dip switches. The robust construction can manage rough handling, but will register...

  • Save energy with the elbow switch Prisma Button

Save energy with the elbow switch Prisma Button

Energy savings with the elbow switch Prisma Button – door opener. Prisma Button prevents unnecessary door openings. All thanks to the setting options through dip switches. Example 1...

  • Prisma Button BIMobject and DWG

Prisma Button as BIMobject

Short for "Building Information Modeling", BIM is a method that gives you 3D-models with product information. The method is about to revolutionise the building sector...

  • Fill the pool with elbow switch Prisma Button
  • Open and close garage doors with elbow switch Prisma Button

Is there anyhting that Prisma Button cannot do?

It willingly sends a signal that can trigger different things. Elbow switches are often situated at hospitals, schools or other places where it creates accessability. These are, however, not the only places where Prisma Button can live...