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  • Prisma Light Utomhusbelysning

Why LED for outdoor lightning?

There are so many techniques: Quicksilver, High pressure sodium, Metal halide, LED. Some clues: Quicksilver is forbidden since 2015...

  • Prisma Light Mesh
  • Prisma Light Mesh

Prisma Light Detect and Mesh Net

Prisma Light Detect increases the brightness/turns on the light when someone is present. With the control system Citygrid by Seneco A/S, a certain amount of luminaires is lit up in the near area...

  • Prisma Light Elton

Prisma Light Elton in RAL7035

Prisma Light Elton in RAL7035. We offer more than just standard. The most requested color other than standard is RAL7035...

  • Prisma light: Turn off or dim lights?

Turn off or dim street lights?

Recently, we have spoken to many communes that are interested in what can be done to save energy. With irregular electricity prices and an uncertain future, it is not that strange...