Prisma Daps – Probably the most advanced pedestrian signal there is

Pedestrian signal

Probably the world’s most advanced pedestrian signal

Probably the world’s most advanced pedestrian signal

  • Acoustic sound: signals, spoken messages, or music (!)
  • Confirmation light in the front and light ring
  • Noise-controlled – ticks with higher volume if the surroundings demand it
  • Android app for adjusting settings
  • Relief symbols describe the intersection
  • Directional arrows show the way
  • Vandal-resistant and withstands the tough life in an intersection, regardless of weather 24/7/365
  • Vibrator with or without push function
  • RFID tag for extended green time or spoken message, for example
  • Push sensitive front without moving parts
  • Presence detection
  • Touchless
Prisma Daps
Prisma Daps – övergång för alla

Traffic safety for everyone

Prisma Daps was developed in collaboration with the Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired (Synskadades Riksförbund – SRF).
The finished product is of great benefit to all road users – whether one has visual, hearing, motor impairments, or not.
Many can relate to the locating sound which, as the name suggests, helps us find our way to the intersection.
The unique sound acts as an auditory beacon.
Preschool educators, along with wheelchair users, appreciate the ability to control the duration of the green light.
For those with hearing impairments, the vibrator is important – it signals the phase of the intersection.
Installers adjust settings with, and transfer data from, an Android device.

Prisma Daps is available worldwide

More and more countries are seeking the solution to enhance traffic safety for everyone on the roads.
The list of countries with products from PrismaTibro is expanding.

Prisma Daps installerad över hela världen
Prisma Daps • Konfigurera eller ta reda på var artikelkoden står för

Easier to choose the right Prisma Daps

Use the Configurator to describe features, colors, and functions.
There are many possibilities, numerous features, characteristics, and optional settings, providing opportunities for various combinations.
Detect, noise control, confirmation sound and confirmation light with adjustable settings, vibrator, relief symbols, directional arrows, and more.
All to create accessibility for all road users.
Settings are made through an Android app or dip switches depending on the model.