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  • Prisma Daps Detect prioriterar

Prisma Daps Detect offers priority treatment

Prisma Daps 2000 Detect offers completely new possibilities. Prioritizes accessibility: RFID tag and vibrator push function precede presence detection.  Presence detection: Attendance detection with auto cancellation when no one is there. The detection zone can be adjusted...

  • Prisma Daps avaktiverar anmälan

Prisma Daps deactivates demand

Prisma Daps 2000 • L Detect is equipped with presence detection that provides auto cancellation. This is how it works: When a pedestrian makes a request on Prisma Daps, the unit begins to monitor the presence within...

Prisma Daps detects up to just over 2.5 meters

When a request to get a green man is made, Prisma Daps begins to monitor the presence within the detection zone. The area of the detection zone can be set up to 2.6 meters. If the person who made...

  • Läs fel i klartext

Read errors in plain text

Read errors in plain text  Prisma Daps can announce in clear text about/what has gone wrong.  Now in the Prisma Dap's Android app

  • Prisma Daps erbjuder dimning

Prisma Daps offers dimming detection of red and green light

We have recently fulfilled another request from a customer: Dimming detection of red and green light. This is how it works: If the lamp voltage falls below a certain threshold level, this can be detected by creating a signal on a virtual wire. A virtual wire can be set to...

  • Prisma Daps Beröringsfri anmälan och Detect

Prisma Daps touchless demand and Detect

Prisma Daps 2000•L offers a function that allows you to request the green phase without physical contact with the push button. The most important benefit is that the request disappears if the person who made the request leaves the intersection - and no one else is waiting for the green signal, of course. 

Prisma Daps and RFID tag provides exceptions

Persons who are equipped with an RFID tag or have access to the vibrator with push function can in this case notify the Prisma Daps Detect to make an exception from the detection zone.  Prisma Daps Detect prioritizes...

Prisma Daps error detection even better

Prisma Daps 2000•L detects internal faults and report them to the traffic controller in case of any failure. The following components can be monitored...

Prisma Daps with white light

Choose white LED diodes. The Prisma Daps 2000 series offers an optional: white LEDs. LED confirmation light in front. The transparent square glass in the front gives light confirmation as a response to your demand. The LED light ring is visible in 270°. That’s why the pedestrian signal from PrismaTibro is visible from long distance...

Recommend to keep Android 10

Keep Android 10! In the latest update – Android 11 – major changes are made regarding NFC-communication and therefore we strongly recommend our users to keep Android 10 for now.

Push with elbow

Push with any (!) body part Use an elbow to push Prisma Daps. You do not need to use hands and fingers. Prisma Daps is touch sensitive no matter what you choose to push with ... hands with gloves...

  • Prisma Daps RFID

RFID creates opportunities

Capacity to handle RFID All models of Prisma Daps 2000•L got the capacity to handle RFID. RFID communicates through NFC. Start using it today! Up to 16 tag groups Program up to 16 tag groups –for different functions and geographical areas. Decide how Prisma Daps 2000•L should act with the RFID-tags that are in use. RFID-tag can be activated for extended green time, demand green light, to increase sound...

Prisma Daps 2300•S is here!

PrismaTibro is launching now a brand new pedestrian signal which is added to the Prisma Daps 2000-series. It became a… Small the name is spelled: Prisma Daps 2300•S. We start with 230 Yes, first to be released is the Prisma Daps 2300•S with power supply 230 V AC and 24 VDC. How can it be so small? Unlike the Prisma Daps 2100•L-series and Prisma Daps 2200•M-series so Prisma Daps 2300•S will not be equipped with locating sound, tactile and visual information. Replaces popular models

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Longer green phase time for selected users

Longer green phase time for selected users. Very popular in the Nordic region - examples of users who may need longer green phase time: Kindergarten children or other larger groups, People with impaired vision, People with impaired hearing People with...

  • Prisma Tibro, Sweden | Prisma Daps | Original sound

Safe crossing has a name: Prisma Daps

The family name is: Prisma Daps. Question: What does "Daps" stands for? Answer: Digital Acoustic Pedestrian Signal. The Daps family has different nicknames, Do you know some of them?

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Welcome to study visits

See how it works. We would like to receive study visits to show our business activities & our four product families. We offer an exciting and rewarding program for anyone who is interest...

  • Prisma Tibro, Sweden | Prisma Daps | Relief Symbols

More Relief Symbols

The Relief Symbols can be supplied along with Prisma Daps which makes the life easier for the persons with impaired vision by providing them a tactile map of the intersection. The map is made up of just the puzzle pieces needed to...

  • Prisma Daps

Always in use, always ready

Probably the world's most advanced pedestrian signal. Probably the world's most robust pedestrian signal. Probably the world's most reliable pedestrian signal. Robust The housing is in metal and are resistant to light vandalism. Robust accessible pedestrian signal in aluminum housing and modern design, with features adapted to all markets...

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Prisma Daps tactility: direction, vibration

Tactile direction arrow and vibrator plate The vibrator is a great help for people with impaired vision. The vibrator gives a powerful pulse with a certain number of pulses per minute. The pulse frequency indicates to the intersection phase, the low frequency refers to...

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Constant Power Supply

Constant Power Supply Prisma Daps 2000 requires constant power feed from the traffic signal. Previously, the power were supplied from the lamps: Red and Green phases.