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Welcome to study visits

See how it works. We would like to receive study visits to show our business activities & our four product families. We offer an exciting and rewarding program for anyone who is interest...

Summer…Vacation: Weeks 28-31

Welcome with your orders before and after vacation. Our production is running in full swing  ready to handle your orders. It’s the right time to place your order. We are ready to fulfill your request for both volume and delivery lead time. We would like to inform that as we done last year we are going to close this year as well for summer vacation weeks 28-31. Last working day before vacation...

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More Relief Symbols

The Relief Symbols can be supplied along with Prisma Daps which makes the life easier for the persons with impaired vision by providing them a tactile map of the intersection. The map is made up of just the puzzle pieces needed to...

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We would like to deliver as per your plan

What are your plans? More and more customers started providing us forecasts. Some of them started placing frame orders for the upcoming year. It's smart. This will ensures on time deliveries to our customers "just in time". Think ahead, order now Even though "now" is the focus right now (!) We would encourage more or why...

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Always in use, always ready

Probably the world's most advanced pedestrian signal. Probably the world's most robust pedestrian signal. Probably the world's most reliable pedestrian signal. Robust Robust accessible pedestrian signal in aluminum housing and modern design, with features adapted to all markets...

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Prisma Daps tactility: direction, vibration

Tactile direction arrow and vibrator plate The vibrator is a great help for people with impaired vision. The vibrator gives a powerful pulse with a certain number of pulses per minute. The pulse frequency indicates to the intersection phase, the low frequency refers to...

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Summer 2018 Vacation Season

Vacation Season It's 2018 summer vacation soon, hence it's the right time to place your order before we close for vacation. We deliver your orders within 10-15 working days or later depending on your preferences. Closed for vacation Weeks 28-31.

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Constant Power Supply

Constant Power Supply Prisma Daps 2000 requires constant power feed from the traffic signal. Previously, the power were supplied from the lamps: Red and Green phases.

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Prisma Daps Android-app 2.6

New functions New functions Button Sound Change has three new options for setting of duration. • Until next green phase • Until second shift to same phase • Until third shift to same phase

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Christmas & New Year Holidays 2017/2018

Christmas holiday season is coming soon. We do recommend you to inform us about your inquiries already now if you like to get your order delivered in the beginning of 2018. Winter is also a good period for major projects planning if any. Our holidays calender...

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RFID creates opportunities

Capacity to handle RFID All models of Prisma Daps 2000•L got the capacity to handle RFID. RFID communicates through NFC. Start using it today! Up to 16 tag groups Program up to 16 tag groups –for different functions and geographical areas. Decide how Prisma Daps 2000•L should act with the RFID-tags that are in use. RFID-tag can be activated for extended green time, demand green light, to increase sound...

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Prisma Daps Sister Products

PrismaTibro: Four Product Families Advanced features combined with simple solutions created success worldwide. The products are used in many populated parts of the world  – See the map here The products are known in the market as reliable, cost...

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Class II and Prisma Daps TS-XXX

Prisma Daps and Class II As more and more of our customers strive for a safer traffic environment, we have delivered Prisma TS and Prisma Daps 2000 with Class II. For orders of Prisma Daps TS-Series Class I or Class II. Can be supplied upon request...

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Differences between Large and Medium

Prisma Daps 2000 Many customers have already ordered Prisma Daps 2000 But not all of them have really understood the differences between 2000 • L (Large) and 2000 • M (Medium). Do you know the difference? Have you got the right info about the differences between Prisma Daps 2000 • L and Prisma Daps 2000 • M? For you whom would like to know more, here under you can find a...

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Prisma Daps Warranty & Repair

Warranty 5 year. Buying products from Prisma Tibro is a safe investment. High quality. They will work day in and day out, year after year. Contact us! Do you have Prisma pedestrian signals which are not...

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Prisma Daps Quality & Security

Quality & Security. Prisma Daps is durable strong, thanks to the high quality in every detail. The secret: Aluminum housing, top and bottom lids in polyamide, a front with no moving parts. Vandal Class...

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Prisma Daps before summer vacation

Are you interested to get your orders on time before and after summer vacation? Then it's the right time to place your orders. Our Production is going on in a full swing , ready for...

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Prisma Daps communicates by NFC

Set up the configuration file with Android app Then transfer it to Prisma Daps 2000•L by NFC. What does NFC mean? It stands for: Near Field Communication. Communication on short distance. A wireless technology that is both safe, fast and...

  • Prisma Tibro, Sweden | Prisma Daps | Led i front, skyddsglas

LED Lens in Front

Notification and acknowledgment. The white square glass in the front which gives you a notification light...

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Android-app Prisma Daps 2.5

Are you updated? We provide you with the latest version of the Android app Prisma Daps 2.5. Android app provided from Prisma Tibro, Sweden only (not from Google Play). Let us know that you want...

  • Prisma Tibro, Sweden | Prisma Daps | LED Light Ring developed

LED-Light ring further developed

Improved light ring. All models of the pedestian signal Prisma Daps 2000, have the new improved model of the LED light ring: Higher LED-light ring. More diodes. Even better visibility on long distance. Help for road users. Light ring helps the pedestrian far away to determine the condition of the crossing. Programming with Android App. Adjustable light intensity...

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Prisma Daps Flashing-Yellow

Access: Activate the yellow function. Yellow flashing light usually is used when the road is cut off or when the intersection is out of order. The pedestrians are being declared for extra payed attention. This happens. Activate yellow flash light or as some say: Yellow phase – with Android-App. You then get the access to play the Error-sound constantly and...

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Keep your gloves on!

Smarter than your smartphone. Prisma Daps is pressure sensitive even with gloves. The unique technology in Prisma Daps is sensitive to pressure in a smarter way than touch screens. Therefore: Keep your gloves on when you want to pass...