Prisma Light Outdoor Lighting with controls: Zhaga, DALI, NEMA, Remote

Outdoor Lighting

Controls: Zhaga, DALI, NEMA, Remote

Outdoor lighting with controls since 2014

The first control we offered our customers was a success: Remote control.
The customer changed the power, adjusted the night reduction.
All protected with a five-digit PIN code.
Still popular and further developed.
Shortly after, we launched presence control – yes, PrismaTibro did that over 10 years ago!
Today, we offer a variety of solutions for standards such as Zhaga, DALI, and Nema.
Node at the top, at the bottom, or both.
Supplement with a sensor from PrismaTibro or use the favorite you already have.

Prisma Light Ellie, parkarmatur med styrning och möjlighet till Tunable White
Prisma Light Ljusberäkningar DIALux

A lighting calculation speaks more than a thousand words

Give everyone the chance to understand.
Clear presentation of hard facts along with illustrative images that paint a realistic picture of the result.

Prisma Light is growing: Sweden, the Nordics, Europe…

It all started in Tibro, Skaraborg, Sweden.
Denmark quickly followed.
Now the expansion continues.

Prisma Light Expanderar från Sverige, Norden, Europa
Prisma Light, utomhusbelysning: gatubelysning, park, industri, motortrafikleder, parkeringar, motionsspår och mer

Easier to choose the right Prisma Light

Use the Configurator to describe features, colors, and functions

Many possibilities There are many features, properties, and options – providing opportunities for numerous combinations. Do not hesitate to contact us if questions arise.