Prisma Light

Prisma Light

Founded in 2008 as sister company to Prisma Teknik.Prisma-Tibro_Sweden_Prisma-Eliott_200x200_140204-01
Background: Three different person, not aware of each other, asked the same question:
– Why don´t You at Prisma Tibro use all Your experience and knowledge regarding electronics and mechanics to develop LED street light?

After the third persons’ question there was some serious calculation of risk made regarding “we must develop a product that deserve the trust shown to us the last decades”. Later on after hard work and several prototypes we could see:
Prisma Tibro had av new product line – trustworthy and showing great performance:
Prisma Eliott.

Prisma Light serves
municipalities, Swedish transport administration, installers, operation companies, property owners, wholesalers and others who are in need of energy efficient street light that provides a white and equal light on the demands and  desires.

The products features of
user friendly, failsafe operation, non existing needs of maintenance, sophisticated at same time easy to use, comprised warranties and total high cost effective.

Prisma Light is a part of PrismaTibro
and shares the mission to create big economical values that contributes for the human with needs of all over the world – from Tibro to the end of the world.  The missons’ concept is “Think different” that contributes to among other project of youth in Colombia, rehab, micro loan, water treatment project and sponsoring of sports associations.