PrismaTibro AB

Four brands developed and manufactured in Tibro, Sweden.
Advanced functions, yet easy to use – a concept successful all over the world.
Before april 2019 PrismaTibro was the brand used for the two companies – Prisma Teknik AB and Prisma Light AB – later they merged into one company: PrismaTibro AB.

Prisma Daps, Product range
  • Developed in collaboration with visual and function impaired people.
  • Functions important for every pedestrian and useful for all traffic environment.
  • Over time the possibilities have increased and Prisma Daps is probably the most advanced pedestrian signal there is.
  • Adjustable: use the Android-app to adjust settings on site.
  • CLICK HERE for more information about Prisma Daps.
Prisma DI, Product range
  • Measuring instrument for very big engines
  • DI is short for Deflection Indicator
  • The complete name for the product family is Prisma DI
  • To the product family includes Prisma DI Ovality Kit it is equally easy as it’s intelligent ovality indicator.
  • In common for this instrument is the very high accuracy: 1/1000 mm
  • CLICK HERE for more information about Prisma DI.
Prisma Button, Product range
Prisma Light, Product range