Two companies

With focus on electronics and mechanics for the traffic safety purposes.
Technics, prismas and electronics are the common ingredients from the products and service we offer and so the choice was simple to make, to identify our work behind one mutual name: PrismaTibro.

There is one company in Tibro with the first name Prisma and there is one Tibro – at least in this part of the world.

PrismaTibro bets all in the competition

The following areas that PrismaTibro runs the contest of winning the customers:
Heart Live up to the requirements, personal relations, honest intentions.
Focus The needs that each customer has, optimum product, better price.
Trust Stable economy, long term, accuracy.

Prisma Teknik

Pedestrian signals, door-openers and instruments for deflection indication.

Prisma Light

LED street light with smart functions like remote and detect.