Prisma DI Crankshaft Deflection Indicator

Crankshaft Deflection Indicator

Measuring deflection and ovality in very large combustion engines

One thousandth of a millimeter resolution

Detect misalignment in crankshafts
Extremely high precision.
Used by a large number of engineers in more than 90 countries.
The instrument is used for measuring the misalignment of crankshafts on both ships and at power plants.

Therefore, Prisma DI-5C
Prisma DI-5C allows transferring the measurements to a computer with Windows operating system for further processing in spreadsheet programs.
DI-5 has the same capabilities for precise measurements but lacks the ability to transfer measurement results.
Made in Sweden with a 5-year warranty.

Prisma DI Ovality Kit

Prisma DI Ovality Kit is an accessory for Prisma DI-5
The accessory is primarily designed to measure ovality and wear in cylinder liners of ship engines with a cylinder diameter ranging from 180-600 mm and a stroke length of up to 870 mm.
Using the 89 mm transducer that comes with Prisma DI-5 and Prisma DI-4, Prisma DI Ovality Kit measures deviations with an accuracy of max 0.001 mm in the range of +/- 0.10 mm, max 1% in the range of +/-1.000mm and max 2% in the range of +/-1000-2000mm

Prisma DI-5C, along with its accompanying software, enables the transfer of measurements for further processing on a Windows computer and Excel.

Prisma DI is used worldwide

The list of countries with products from PrismaTibro is getting longer and longer.

Prisma DI