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Prisma DI Ovality Kit

Measure ovality An accessory of Prisma DI-5C deflection indicator mainly designed to measure the ovality on the cylinder liner with a diameter 180-600 mm and stroke up to 870 mm. Already got...

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Prisma DI 100% User-friendly

Using Prisma DI is 100% safety and user-friendly. By using the electronic Prisma Deflection Indicator: Prisma DI-5 or Prisma DI-5C you will no longer need to enter...

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Software Prisma DI, deflection indicator

Prisma DI-5C software. Prisma DI-5C software which is supplied with the instrument is compatible with almost all types of Windows PC's. CD or download. The software is available as a CD but you can always contact us to get the...

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Prisma DI 89 or 100 mm transducer

Same but different The only difference between 89 mm and 100 mm transducers is that the transducer tip on the 100 mm is longer than the one on...

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Prisma DI for 2 & 4 stroke Engines

The robust electronic crankshaft deflection Indicator, Prisma DI-5C and Prisma DI-5 are compatible with almost all the brands of 2 & 4 stroke engines available in the market. We are not talking just...

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Calibration of Prisma DI

Every three year. We do recommend you to calibrate Prisma DI once every three year. We can calibrate all series of Prisma DI which are in use with our customers whenever is needed. Certificate attached...

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More than 25 years

More than 25 years in the global market. The first generation of the electronic measuring device, Prisma DI, deflection indicator, was launched since more than 25 years and it was known in the market as RO3. The second generation...

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Best choice for deflection indication

Why Prisma DI-5C is the best choice. Prisma DI-5C is an electronic and reliable device to measure the deflection on the diesel engines and generators. Precision 1/1000 mm. It saves the time up to 50%. Only one person can perform the task. Safety and easy to use. Memory to save up to...

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Transducer tip vs measuring tip

The difference between transducer tip and measuring tip. The transducer has 2 ends. Transducer tip is mounted to the one of the ends. The transducer tip is mounted via spring so it can be pushed/pressed in up to +/-2.048 mm, while the...

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Three decades of measuring crankshaft deflection

30 years, 95 countries. Prisma Deflection Indicator have existed for almost three decades now fulfilling the task of measuring the crankshaft deflection on diesel engines. Prisma Deflection Instrument 5th generation with computer-connection and Excel-export (short name: Prisma DI-5C) have made it easier and more accurate than ever before. Prisma Tibro, Sweden is ISO 9001-2008 certified company to ensure high quality...

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Measure or measure and save from deflection indicator

Did you know? By changing the program mode of Prisma DI-5C, you can switch the instrument between two modes. Standard Mode. It means that you can save the readings in the memory for further data process and...

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Transducer for deflection indicator instrument Prisma DI

Transducer. We call it transducer and the others may know it as a probe or sensor. It is a part of Prisma DI-5 and Prisma DI-5C deflection indicator instrument. The standard transducer is 89 mm and it can be extended by using extension bars up to 565 mm. There is a small transducer as well which is 60 mm and it can be extended up to...

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One technician all by himself

Did You know? Did you know that with Prisma DI-5 and Prisma DI-5C only one technician can perform the crankshaft deflection measurement?...

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Transducer, two sizes

Prisma Tibro can offer a solution even for smaller size diesel and gas engines by providing a special version of Prisma Deflection Indicator and it's called Prisma DI-5S and Prisma DI-5CS.

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Prisma DI on all the seas and oceans

Nearly 90 countries Our customers are mostly onshore but they keep on moving all over the world. Prism DI, Deflection Indicator, used as a preventive method. It helps to detect the need for the [...]