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PrismaTibro • Traffic Safety today and for future generations

Traffic Safety today and for future generations

Launching: Prisma Light Ella AID

Prisma Light Ella AID
Makes unattended crosswalks safer.
White light for pedestrians and flashing, yellow light for vehicles.
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Summer time

Vacation weeks 28, 29, 30, 31
July 5th is our last working day before.
August 5th is the first working day after.

Launching: Prisma Light Tunable White

Tunable White
Continuous transition from 1800 to 4000 kelvin throughout the day according to schedule.
For consideration of wildlife and nature. Safe for humans.
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Prisma Daps Pedestrian Signal

Pedestrian signal

Probably the world’s most advanced pedestrian signal.
Unique locating sound “tick-tick-tick” provides reassurance for all road users.
Settings via Android app.
Three main models: Large, Medium, Small.

Prisma Light Utomhusbelysning

Outdoor Lighting

Developed and produced in Tibro.
Control for all needs:
Presence, night reduction, light relay.
Complies with standards: Zhaga, DALI, Nema.
Solutions with a focus on traffic safety.

Flexibump • Farthinder som flexar

Speed Bumps

Flexes for comfortable passage.
Sweden’s most popular speed bumps.
Easy installation without prior knowledge, pre-drilling, or casting – and easy to relocate.
Works excellent on both gravel roads and asphalt.

More Products

Prisma DI
Measures skewness and ovality in really large combustion engines.

Prisma Button
Vandal-resistant elbow switch in three lengths – without moving parts.

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90 countries and all oceans.
You can find our products in many places around the world.
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PrismaTibro aims high and long-term towards the goals of Agenda 2030.
For each product family, we demonstrate how we contribute and work towards the goals.
PrismaTibro and Agenda 2030

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