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Pedestrian signal

Prisma Daps

Probably the most advanced
pedestrian signal there is

  • Prisma Daps

Prisma Daps tactility: direction, vibration

Tactile direction arrow and vibrator plate The vibrator is a great help for people with impaired vision. The vibrator gives a powerful pulse with a certain number of pulses per minute. The pulse frequency indicates to the intersection phase, the low frequency refers to...

  • PrismaTibro, Sweden

Summer 2018 Vacation Season

Vacation Season It's 2018 summer vacation soon, hence it's the right time to place your order before we close for vacation. We deliver your orders within 10-15 working days or later depending on your preferences. Closed for vacation Weeks 28-31.

  • Prisma Daps

Constant Power Supply

Constant Power Supply Prisma Daps 2000 requires constant power feed from the traffic signal. Previously, the power were supplied from the lamps: Red and Green phases.

Deflection Indicator

Prisma DI

Measure deflection and ovality with
accuracy and transfer results to laptop

  • Prisma DI

Prisma DI Ovality Kit

Measure ovality An accessory of Prisma DI-5C deflection indicator mainly designed to measure the ovality on the cylinder liner with a diameter 180-600 mm and stroke up to 870 mm. Already got...

  • Prisma DI Offer: Free Delivery

Offer: Free Delivery

Are you upset and tired of measuring the deflection on your engines with the dial gauges, then the electronic robust Prisma DI-5C and Prisma DI-5 is something for you. Offer Place your order with us latest by end of October 2017 and we shall offer you...

  • PrismaTibro, Sweden | Prisma DI

Prisma DI 100% Userfriendly

Using Prisma DI is 100% safety and userfriendly. By using the electronic Prisma Deflection Indicator: Prisma DI-5 or Prisma DI-5C you will no longer need to enter...

Elbow switch

Prisma Button

Vandal proof with active excessive
violence protection and easy settings

  • Prisma Button

Prisma Button against excessive violence

Vandal proof with an active excessive violence protection Prisma Button is a vandal proof push button since the outer profile is made of durable aluminum. But Prisma Button is not only vandal proof on the outside. There is a lot hidden on its inside. Prisma Button has an active excessive violence protection that makes it...

  • Prisma Button

Extended push

Open now or later Do you want the door to open right away when the button is being pushed? Or do you require a delay, so you have to push it a little while longer for the door automation to activate? Maybe your door is located in an environment where it should take...

  • Prisma Button

Dome: Push and hold

The dome is now available for order: ”Push and hold”, product ID 750-0025, will declare the delayed opening function in Prisma Button. Because It might be difficult to perceive that you may need to hold the button for the door to open. Some may believe that the door opener, or the automatic door, has stopped working. Instead, it depends on the Prisma Button being set on "hold...

Street light

Prisma Light

Controlled by power, remote or detect.
Moonlight, app, lenses and more…

PrismaTibro has moved

We have moved. We moved the 11th of April 2018. Our new address is:  Järnvägsgatan 19 SE-543 50 Tibro

  • Prisma Tibro, Sweden | Prisma Light Ellie | LED Parkbelysning, Gatubelysning | Prisma Light Ellie monterade, på plats

First Prisma Light Ellie installed

Enjoying the beach. Prisma Light Ellie creates safety along the beach. And it looks like the luminaire likes the challenge – yes we know: a luminaire doesn't have feelings but as a manufacturer we like t0 think so. What we do know is that Prisma Light Ellie can...