Pedestrian signal

Prisma Daps

Probably the most advanced
pedestrian signal there is

  • Prisma Daps

Prisma Daps: Direction arrow and vibrator plate

Hjälp för personer med nedsatt syn. En så tydlig relief att även seende, som kanske inte är så vana att "läsa" med händerna uppfattar motivet. Riktning. Känn med handen och få information om...

  • Prisma Daps

Prisma Daps – Parts and functions

Name of features and parts Scroll and click on the images below for a more detailed presentation. Prisma Prisma Daps from Tibro, Sweden is probably the world's most advanced pedestrian signal. Most people have pushed it and probably not thought about it to be more than "press for green light". That is fine with us. We see only advantages in that it is perceived as simple, accurate and dependable.

  • Prisma Daps kommunicerar med Bluetooth

Prisma Daps: Bluetooth Replaces NFC

Bluetooth Replaces NFC. The change took place in May 2022. As previously: Adjustment of settings in what we call parameter file is done with Android app. The new thing is that transfer from Android device now takes place with Bluetooth...

Deflection Indicator

Prisma DI

Measure deflection and ovality with
accuracy and transfer results to laptop

  • Prisma DI Crankshaft Deflection Indicator

Change Limit Value on Prisma DI-5C

Change Limit Value on Prisma DI-5C. What is the default limit value on Prisma DI-5C and how does one change it?

  • Prisma DI – Crankshaft Deflection Indicator

How Prisma DI is linked to the SDGs?

How Prisma DI is linked to the 2030 Agenda? Prisma DI is a measuring device for large combustion engines, which might make it difficult to notice any connections between Prisma DI and ecological sustainability. However, if you take a closer look...

Elbow switch

Prisma Button

Vandal proof with active excessive
violence protection and easy settings

  • Prisma Button

With Prisma Button, anyone can open the door

Everybody needs support. In one way or another. Perhaps, you are holding onto a rollator? You are possibly not very eager to loosen your grip of the frame, when you are out exercising? With Prisma Button...

  • Prisma Button

Prisma Button – How do I choose the right model?

Prisma Button fits all environments. There are multiple models and various settings through dip switches. The robust construction can manage rough handling, but will register...

  • Save energy with the elbow switch Prisma Button

Save energy with the elbow switch Prisma Button

Energy savings with the elbow switch Prisma Button – door opener. Prisma Button prevents unnecessary door openings. All thanks to the setting options through dip switches. Example 1...

Street light

Prisma Light

Controlled by power, remote or detect.
Moonlight, app, lenses and more…

  • Prisma Light Utomhusbelysning

Why LED for outdoor lightning?

There are so many techniques: Quicksilver, High pressure sodium, Metal halide, LED. Some clues: Quicksilver is forbidden since 2015...

  • Prisma Light Mesh
  • Prisma Light Mesh

Prisma Light Detect and Mesh Net

Prisma Light Detect increases the brightness/turns on the light when someone is present. With the control system Citygrid by Seneco A/S, a certain amount of luminaires is lit up in the near area...