Prisma Button Elbow Switch

Prisma Button Elbow Switch

Vandal-resistant and settings with dip switches

Temperature safety and more…

Active anti-vandal protection
If Prisma Button is subjected to vandalism, it turns off, calibrates, takes into account any dents, and then continues to function as before.

Temperature safety
If the temperature rises above 80°C, Prisma Button takes a break, and when the temperature has dropped, it resumes functioning as before.

Fire gas explosion
If Prisma Button is set to Touch (light pressure), it will disregard a fire gas explosion.
Feels safe not to contribute to the spread of fire.

Prisma Button
Prisma Button

Settings with dip switches

Can be adjusted by the installer, when needed.

  • Settings at delivery
  • Switch-on delay
  • Kick/Spark function
  • Limited relay connection time
  • Acknowledgment tone
  • Lock opening, delayed door opening
  • Activate relay 2
  • Activate relay 1
  • Nurse bed function 1
  • Nurse bed function 2

Hygienic design – and Softfront

Hygienic design
Easy to keep clean. Smooth surfaces.

An opportunity to communicate anything with images and texts.
An additional function is that in case of impact, for example with a hospital bed, sound is dampened, and abrasions are avoided.

Prisma Button