Push with any (!) body part

Use an elbow to push Prisma Daps.
You do not need to use hands and fingers.
Prisma Daps is touch sensitive no matter what you choose to push with … hands with gloves – why not!

Soft push

You can use your handbag, walking stick or any other optional aid.
Note that the push pressure should be light/soft on the Prisma Daps to react and be triggered
Excessive push will be ignored by Prisma Daps.

The entire front is pressure sensitive

Hand and fingers are used intuitively – we don’t even think about it, but the entire front of Prisma Daps is set to trigger the green light for pedestrians.
Demand the green light?
Yes, it is the formal name of the “Push” – you announce that you intend to cross the street.
Prisma Daps confirms your request in a form of a beep sound and / or light.
It’s a confirmation that Prisma Daps understands that you want to pass safely.

Would you like to share some info with us

Please tell us how you push the Prisma Daps.
Send an email, picture or video clip.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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