Zhaga-D4i Certified: Prisma Light Elton and Ellie

A luminaire that is Zhaga certified is quality assured. The certificate verifies that the specific luminaire will be connectable with both current and future Zhaga-D4i modules.

Zhaga D4i – What is it?

A collaboration between DiiA (Digital Illumination Interface Alliance) and the Zhaga Consortium has resulted in the Zhaga-D4i standard.

D4i was developed by DiiA as an addition to the DALI-2 standard to improve communication systems within the luminaire. A D4i-certified driver can store information about the luminaire, such as error messages, voltage, and energy consumption. The D4i part makes the luminaire ready for something many aspire today: IoT – Internet of Things.

For communication between luminaires to be possible, a node is required. The node is connected to a socket, and this is where Zhaga Consortium enters the picture. They have developed various standards for sockets and nodes called “Books”. For street lighting, there is a standard called “Zhaga Book 18” (amongst others).

Future-Ready Solution

A luminaire with a Zhaga socket does not need to be equipped with nodes right away but can initially function just like a traditional luminaire with features like dimming. Nodes can be installed at a later stage if requested.

You can choose between one or multiple nodes depending on the number of sockets. Sockets can be directed upwards, downwards, or both, depending on the application area. An upward-directed socket can be used for nodes related to control and communication, while a downward-directed socket can be used for features like motion sensors.

Combined, Zhaga-D4i provides a future-ready solution that can meet challenges in the smart city, regardless of the luminaire or control system’s brand.

Prisma Light Now Zhaga-D4i Certified

Two of our luminaires, Prisma Light Ellie and Prisma Light Elton, are now certified for Zhaga-D4i, Book 18, guaranteeing that they can be safely connected to Zhaga-D4i modules.

Link to Certificates

> Click here to access the certificates in Zhaga Consortium’s database.

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