Everybody needs support

In one way or another.
Perhaps, you are holding onto a rollator?
You are possibly not very eager to loosen your grip of the frame, when you are out exercising?
With Prisma Button, you can open the door without letting go.

Drive into it

Simple enough.
Prisma Button is an elbow switch that can manage tough hits and kicks.
If you still prefer to gently push the button, it can be good to know that it is very sensitive.
You don’t have to push hard at all.

Prisma Button, models

The name of the model says a lot about the length.
Prisma Button 300
Prisma Button 800
Prisma Button 1200
With the two longer models, you can receive a combined elbow- and “kick” switch in the same installation.

Prisma Button 1200

The elbow switch in the picture can two have different installations – one for the upper and one for the lower part.
Upper: regular installation for push.
Lower: drive into the elbow swith with your rullator, and the door will open.

Do you want to create accessibility?

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