Why LED for outdoor lighting?

There are so many techniques:

  • Quicksilver
  • High pressure sodium
  • Metal halide
  • LED

Some clues

  • Quicksilver is forbidden since 2015.
  • High pressure sodium is inefficient considering the energy consumption.
  • Metal halide is inefficient considering the energy consumption.

We chose LED

LED is short for Light Emitting Diodes.
Since the start-up, we have stuck to developing LED luminaires. The reasons are, amongst else:

  • Energy savings: save 60-90% compared to other techniques.
  • Impressive color rendering – Ra value.
  • Generous possibilities to control the lighting – much more than On/Off – including multiple unique functions.
  • Lens combinations make it possible to achieve precise light images for different areas – residential areas, beltways, pathways, jogging tracks, parking lots and more.