We can give You advices

about how others have done and how they have combined the different components for this application.

Save energy

We actually have measured facts about how much You save by changing the luminaries to Prisma Eliott, LED street light made in Tibro, Sweden.

More functionality

  • Change the light intensity with a Remote as You wish – in steps of 1 Watt.
    Remote control and a 5-didgit PIN-code is the only thing You need.
    Do an optional light reduction during an optional time during the night.
  • Let presence control – if some one is there – let that decide what light intensity You want, maybe just a little, or a lot?
    Decide at the same time how many luminaries that should react, change light intensity when someone comes, for how long time it should be in ON-mode until it goes back to no-presence-light.
    These settings are easily changed with a phone call.

Call us

or send an e-mail and we will find a solution together.
Malin Buss, product manager Prisma Eliott