Prisma Daps

What are your plans?

More and more customers started providing us forecasts.
Some of them started placing frame orders for the upcoming year.
It’s smart. This will ensures on time deliveries to our customers “just in time”.

Think ahead, order now

Even though “now” is the focus right now (!) We would encourage more or why not all of our customers to have their own plans and notify us about it

What are your needs?

Do you know what is expected to happen in the beginning of 2019, maybe the previous years can gives you an indication about what is going to happen.

Review your stock keeping – spare parts and / or complete products
Notify us about your order right now, and will make sure to deliver as promised in the order confirmation.

Working hours and calendar

Autumn 2018
Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00
Christmas Break
Last working day 2018: Friday 21st December 2018
First working day 2019: Monday 7th January 2019

Welcome to contact us today!

To have a note of your plans, forecasts, orders.
Contact Harut, Sales Prisma Daps +46 504 40043
Contact Sonja, Sales Prisma Daps +46 504 40051