Vacation Season

It’s 2018 summer vacation soon, hence it’s the right time to place your order before we close for vacation.

New premises

We are ready to handle your orders at our newly inaugurated premises in Jarnvagsgatan 19, which we have moved to on 11th April 2018.

Think ahead, order now

Having a full focus on the current requirements is a priority of course especially after a tough winter, but we urge our customers to think even about the autumn’s needs.
Order now and we are ready to fulfill your orders even after few months.

Delivery lead time

We deliver your orders within 10-15 working days or later depending on your preferences.

Closed for vacation

Weeks 28-31.
Last working day before vacation is Friday 6th July 2018
First working day after vacation is Monday 6th August 2018


Contact Sonja, Sales Prisma Daps +46 504 40051
Contact Harut, Sales Prisma Daps +46 504 40043