Tibro – Sweden’s furniture city

The majority of people have already heard about kitchens from Tibro.
Many are unaware of the fact they might have furniture from Tibro in their livingroom, bedroom, entrance hall or storage room (!).

Tibro has a long history of forestry and furniture craftsmanship industry.
The roots of today’s furniture – decor industry were established back in the 19th century, when the farmers and crafters started to create simple furniture to make it through the day.  Wood and tree management has been an important part of Tibro back in the day and today, it lives on in new shapes. Often bold shapes.


A great amount of known athletes hail from Tibro:
tennis players, ice skaters, enduro world champions…

Well being

It is easy to live well here. The life is calmer.
There is space for life: working life, family life, freetime, sports, culture… and more.

Tibro delivers

PrismaTibro is one example of a company in Tibro. The company reaches far outside the city’s borders with its’ products and services. All cities have been small before they got bigger.