The History of Prisma Daps

Many people have seen it, most likely near a pedestrian crossing.
But how did it all begin? And how has the product evolved?


Prisma Teknik is founded. Initially, Prisma Teknik was a subcontractor for the company Ericsson, which at the time held a monopoly on traffic signal systems in Sweden. After a number of years, the collaboration with Ericsson ended, and Prisma Teknik continued to develop independently.

In 2018, the technical solutions group Addtech AB became our new owners, and in 2019, Prisma Teknik was merged with Prisma Light. The new company name became PrismaTibro.

Models Throughout the Years

Some of our earliest push buttons for pedestrians were called TS-9XX. The numbers replacing “X” depended on the model and how the pedestrian signal was intended to be used. Was it a bicycle signal, or for pedestrians, or both?

Prisma Daps 1000

The next generation, sold simultaneously with TS-9XX, was called Prisma Daps 1000 and offered more features and options than the TS series. “Daps” is short for “Digital Acoustic Pedestrian Signal.”

Prisma Daps 2000

Our latest generation update took place in 2016. Settings could then be transferred via NFC or USB. In April 2022, NFC was replaced with Bluetooth. Note, however, that this does not apply to Prisma Daps 2000•S, whose settings are managed using DIP switches.

Prisma Daps Today

Today, we provide:

• Prisma Daps 2000•L
• Prisma Daps 2000•M
• Prisma Daps 2000•S