The SDGs

PrismaTibro has been connected to sustainability since the very beginning.
The word sustainability can mean multiple things, depending on which aspects that are studied.
Ecological, social and economic sustainability are three examples.
Further down on this site, you can read more about the Sustainable Development Goals – all 17 targets. Find out what we are doing right now, and what we are planning to acheive in the future.

News related to the SDGs

No poverty PrismaTibro makes it possible for at least 35 people to provide for their families.
For us, CSR work is an important part. The company supports Ankarstiftelsen, a fundraising foundation that among else work with microcredit projects.

Zero hungerPrismaTibro has for many years supported Ankarstiftelsen – a foundation that focuses on advocacy in Colombia. An example of their work is food distribution at Ankla Center, an activity center for children.

Good health and well-beingWe care for our employees. It is important that our staff members are well and given the conditions needed for this. We make sure that all employees get health examinations in a certain interval.
All employees get the opportunity to, once a week, train for free at the gym that is located nearby. Other than this, we offer wellness allowance, which is used by approximately half of the staff.

Through our collaboration with Ankarstiftelsen, we contribute to football schools in Colombia. PrismaTibro is also a proud sponsor of the sports life in our own community, Tibro, Sweden.

Quality educationThrough our engagement in Ankarstiftelsen, we are a part of school building projects in Colombia.

Locally, we accept study visits and internships when it is possible and relevant. Since 2022, we offer internships via “Tekniksprånget”, which is an initiative where young people get the chance to try out the tech industry. In the future, we are planning to accept students for “NFK” (approx. workplace situated course) or thesis.

Gender equalityFor us at PrismaTibro, equality is an important matter. We believe in the right person at the right place, regardless of gender, ethnical affiliation, religion, sexual orientation etc. Everyone shall be treated equal and with respect.

Clean water and sanitationWe contribute to water sanitation projects in Colombia. PrismaTibro is also certified according to ISO 14001. The aim of ISO 14001 is to help companies reduce their negative environmental effects on air, water and land.

Affordable and clean energyVia our LED armatures, we contribute to the target “Affordable and clean energy”. Prisma Light luminaires with presence control turns off the light or reduces the effect when no one is nearby. We would prefer switching to a solar cell solution for our armatures today, but unfortunately we have not yet found a technical solution that is efficient enough.

Decent work and economic growthPrismaTibro follows the Swedish collective agreements, and we believe that everyone shall have the same opportunities regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. This approach resulted in that we were awarded for our diversity efforts in 2018.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

One of our main targets. In our strategic development plan, the infrastructure is one of our focal points – considering our pedestrian signals and LED luminaires. Both product areas have many functions that are adapted to the environment and there is continuous development work.

We often ask ourselves, “Is this process done efficiently, or can we make changes without erroneous consequences?”. Without innovation, a tech company would not survive. PrismaTibro must follow the development and preferably foresee certain things to evolve.

PrismaTibro is certified according to ISO 9001, as a way to secure consistent development and improvement of our products.

Reduced inequalitiesIf everybody is involved, the world can develop for the better.
Sub target 10.1, reducing income inequalities, is something that PrismaTibro is engaged in by Ankarstiftelsen microcredits, for example.

At PrismaTibro, we do not decide any salaries based on gender or such like. Discrimination is not allowed and all signs of such is handled immediately.

Sustainable cities and communitiesWith our products, our aim to be a part of the sustainable society. PrismaTibro’s products last for a long time and shall complement the smart city, where the environment is a clear focal point. PrismaTibro can contribute in many ways, but one example is Prisma Light with presence detection, our smart lighting solution that offers presence detection. This equals the right amount of light at the right place, which will lead to energy savings – but also improve the environment for both animals and humans.

At PrismaTibro, we value inclusive thinking, which should be a natural part of the sustainable society. Prisma Button will help you open the door, regardless of if you are in a wheel chair, accompanied by a walking frame or without the strength to open the door manually. Accessibility for all is necessary in a functioning society.

Prisma Daps is developed and continues to develop with the help of organisations as SRF, Synskadades Riksförbund (the national association for visually impaired). That is a way to create accessibility and secure that people with impaired vision can walk safely in city-environments.

Responsible consumption and productionAt PrismaTibro, we produce all our products at customer order. This means that there is no overproduction, where large volumes could become unusable over time.

To reduce waste is an important part of the sustainability work at PrismaTibro. We only deliver as much cable to our armatures and pedestrian signals as the customer needs.

Today, the manual instructions for all of our products are available through QR-codes instead of paper sheets.

Climate actionWe are certified according to ISO 14001. At PrismaTibro, we consider it relevant to travel by train when and where there is possible. To reduce emissions driven by fossil fuels and buying material from suppliers in our geographic surroundings, in other words to reduce our emissions in Scope 3, shall be an important part of our sustainability work.*

PrismaTibro is a part of Addtech group, that has formed ambitious sustainability targets. Addtech wants to reduce their carbon dioxide intensity with 50 percent by 2030. The two focal points are making operations more effective and switching to low-carbon transports. To reach the targets, collaboration with customers and suppliers is necessary. Addtech is a member of the UN Global Compact, a business network with 10 principals that covers subjects such as human rights and environmental issues. Themembers need to report every year, how their work with principals is going.

*An explanation to the term Scope 3; it is a term known from the GHG-protocol, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The protocol divides emissions in three categories, Scope 1, 2 and 3. Scope 3 covers the emissions that are not involved directly in the company’s operations – such as missions, commuting, emissions from suppliers e t c.

Life below waterWe sometimes use plastic in our packaging, but for us it is natural to make sure the plastic can be degraded.

Life on landOur work with smart lighting can reduce what is called “Light Pollution”.
We are also members in “El-kretsen”, as a way to take responsibility for our products. “El-kretsen” is a national collecting system that collects consumed electronics to make sure that they are recycled and handled correctly.

Peace, justice and strong institutionsIn sub target 16.5, the UN describes how corruption and bribes shall be defeated. This is a target that PrismaTibro supports fully. We will never take part in an affair that includes corruption or in any other way is unacceptable.

We work with an inclusive, receptive and representative decision-making. Everyone shall have equal opportunities to give propositions and we do not accept any form of discrimination.

Through our collaboration with Ankarstiftelsen, we help children away from unsafe environments and criminality by for example football schools.

Partnerships for the goalsTo create a better world, collaborations across borders are necessary. PrismaTibro has partners in many countries. The Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark are just a few examples.

Our collaboration with Ankarstiftelsen can change human lives for the better in other parts of the world.