A beloved child has many names

  • Config.txt
  • Functions
  • Settings

We call it for parameter file. The file that includes all the parameters for Prisma Daps.


Simply described – A determined value.
The one who determines the value can decide to change to something new or something else.
Prisma Daps gives big possibilities to make the settings you wish. End result: Parameter file includes several hundreds lines of text that describes and decides how the Prisma Daps should act in all possible situations.

In production and also with Android-App

All the Prisma Daps units that leave the production line in Tibro include one parameter file. It can be a standard file for example Sweden but it can also be the clients’ customised. Whether which, the client has the possibility to change the parameter file with the Android App. We strongly recommend the client to send us the parameter file afterwards, of 2 reasons:
1. If the client wish to have following deliveries with that same parameter file.
2. We make a test, a check control of that file.


App installed on a smartphone or tablet device.
Once it’s time to transfer the new parameter file, it needs to be in nearby of Prisma Daps, until then, the job can be done indoor. The transfer to Prisma Daps is made by following one of two ways:
If rather preferred to send the parameter file by e-mail, it works perfectly by e-mail – Client – On the Android device.

Have you tried out the App?

The manual is at the homepage – CLICK HERE!
All the download documents exists HERE!
The Android-app can be sent as a response to your phone call, SMS, or E-mail. Call us when you’d like to program. It’s easier than Ever to adapt Prisma Daps.

L or M

Prisma Daps 2000•L
Has the possibility to receive the parameter file through two techniques: Bluetooth and USB.
Prisma Daps 2000•M
Has the possibility to receive parameter file from USB.


A wireless technique that is safe, fast and easy to use.
Put the Android above the top cover of Prisma Daps 2000• L and click on “transfer”. It will take a couple of seconds and once the Transfer Is finished you’ll receive a confirmation. Finish!
Previously NFC was used for transferring, however since May 2022, NFC has been replaced by Bluetooth.

Prisma Daps USBUSB

All Prisma Daps 2000 have one USB-connection, placed behind the confirmation light/lens in the front.
It is reachable when the top cover is unscrewed and pushed up together with the lens.
The transfer takes a couple of seconds and once the transfer is finished, a confirmation will be received.

Questions or USB

Welcome to contact us with questions or purchase of USB or Prisma Daps.
CONTACT Sales Prisma Daps