Read errors in plain text 

Prisma Daps can announce in clear text about/what has gone wrong.
Now in the Prisma Daps Android app 2.8, more have been added to the list of components that can be reported.
So you can directly in your smartphone (Android) have full control of the situation. 

The collected list

  • Detect sensor 
  • External modules 
  • Amplifier 
  • Speaker 
  • Internal power supply 
  • Configuration file 
  • Audio files 
  • Microphone 
  • NFC 
  • Relay output 
  • Red and green light always off 
  • Red and green light always on
  • Power supply to the motherboard 
  • Push front
  • Vibrator 
  • Watchdog 

In addition 

General information about the Prisma Daps

  • Hardware model, version number, serial number and uploaded parameter file 
  • Factory settings for speakers, microphone and set response time 
  • Status of signals and levels 
  • Audio files that are in the current Prisma Daps device 
  • Error-log 

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