There is a drive in Tibro

The Prisma companies experience a very good development. It is based on creativity, responsiveness and good relations.
The ideas get space in a prestigeless and positive atmosphere. Cost-consciousness combined with dare and faith in what can seem impossible is our way forward.

There are ideas

Ideas comes from conversations with customers, from exhibition and our own impressions. Some are put away. Some are asleep, just to wake up at the right moment in the future. Some wakes up and prove them selves to be strong enough to fit in the luminaire. Just right now we are working on some ideas that has proven to be strong enough and therefor will be a knew part of the luminaire.

There are possibilities

Almost everything is possible. We are struggling to understand the difference between “this is possible”, “this have some customers asked for” and finally ” if we make something out of the idea, will someone buy it?”

Welcome with Your thoughts, ideas and needs, we would love to hear them! Contact us – contact some one You already know or someone You think will understand Your thoughts.