Prisma Light Tunable White

PrismaTibro introduces: Tunable White

By using the innovative technology Tunable White, multiple aspects are being considered. People, animals, and nature. Tunable White enables a cooler color temperature and higher intensity during times of day when people are generally active. In the late evening and during night, the lighting transitions to a warmer color temperature and lower intensity, to reduce its impact on ecological processes.

Light Pollution

Studies have shown that excessive or inefficient use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can lead to negative effects in ecosystems. Many nocturnal species depend on darkness to find food, reproduce, and simply survive. Therefore, measures are required to reduce light pollution as much as possible without compromising safety or security for humans.

>> Read more about light pollution in an article from SLU (SE).

We are also launching

Prisma Light Ella AID – the lighting bollard designed to enhance safety at unattended pedestrian crossings, featuring a light corridor and a flashing warning light.

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