Prisma Daps TS-920

Prisma Daps TS-920

Prisma Daps


Bike Signal
no locator sound

Prisma TS-Series are pedestrian signals without location sound, designed to be used at pedestrian crosswalks and bicycle paths. Excellent Performance and long lifespan have made the product very popular in the market.

Prisma Daps is made of aluminum housing – which means a long life expectancy. The electronics are compactly mounted inside an inner, protective profile and can easily be removed or maintained. The electronic front is highly touch susceptible and with no moving parts. Our push buttons are vandal proof and practically impossible to destroy. A monitoring system continuously measures the currents for green and red phase – walk or don’t walk – in order to guarantee the safety of the pedestrian. Our push buttons will never sound green during red phase. Buying products from Prisma Tibro is a safe investment. They will work day in and day out, year after year.


Prisma Daps TS-920

  • Push front
  • LED in front
  • Notification sound
  • Colour
  • Power supply through the red lamp 42 VAC
  • Power supply through the red lamp 115/ 230 VAC