Prisma Tibro, Sweden Prisma Daps TS-903

Prisma TS-903

One of the world’s most developed pedestrian signals. Quality-With-Design, excellent Performance and well adjusted Optional Equipment characterize the TS-900 series. Prisma TS-903 is one of the models of acoustic pedestrian signals that have been installed in numerous cites around the world.

Acoustic pedestrian signal with push front. 

Ambient noise control
A microphone continuously measures the traffic noise level, adjusting the sound pulses to make sure that they are audible without causing disturbance, for instance by night. The electronics is compactly mounted inside an inner, protective profile and can easily be removed or maintained. The electronic front panel is highly touch susceptible and yet vandal proof.


Prisma TS-903

  • Constant power supply 42 VAC
  • Constant power supply 115 VAC
  • Constant power supply 230 VAC


Explanation and presentation of facts and features. You will find links to the models matching with each description. 

A microphone continuously measures the traffic noise level, adjusting the sound pulses to make sure that they are audible without causing disturbances, for instance at night.
Dimensions H x B x D: 270 x 112 x 125 mm
Weight: 3,3 kg
Power consumption:
At rest: 6 W
At request: 13 W

The push front is sensitive to pressure all over the push front.

In intersections with wide streets and many lanes, extra noisy traffic or where neighbours is disturbed by the tick, tick sound, it will be a help to use a external loudspeaker. All Daps 2000•L can be used with external loudspeakers from Prisma Tibro Sweden.

Field of application: Varning messages, emergency vehicle, roadwork, turist information. Record from Prisma Daps Android application or upload from computer.

When Prisma Daps register a pressure the answer is a notification: sound, light or both.
IK09 without vibrator
Class II, dubble insulated
The square window in passive front  gives you a notification light. Adjustable light intensity from 25–100%
Notification light – different options – or constant light. Higher LED light ring for increased visibility at long distance. Always visibility 270°. Adjustable light intensity from 25–100%.
Prisma Daps 2000 has 16 standard sounds and the possibility to upload and record sounds. Sound level individually set for all phase and internal, external loudspeaker. Min and Max from 30–80dB, adjustable in steps of 1 dB. Sound frequency 180–7000Hz.
Yellow light: 590 nm. Notification light: 9 x 4000 lux LED. LED Light Ring: 32 x 4000 lux LED
A help for pedestrians to locate the push button and to know the status of the intersection. Following the locator tone from opposite side, the pedestrian can cross the street safely. The effective and appreciated sound spread around the world (Prisma_Sound_05.wav). A sound “smart” enough to outperform and differentiate from surroundings. Secret: wide frequency.
Choice made when ordering. A combination of constant power supply, Lamp I/O and control I/O.
Constant power supply 18V AC/24V DC
Constant power supply 24V AC
Constant power supply 28V – 49V AC/DC
Constant power supply 100V – 240V AC/DC
More options to program sound, light and functions during night time.
Possible to program sound, light or activate a spoken message. For example: Intersection out of order.

Programmed by Android application and transferred by NFC communication or from USB memory. Easy to create new configuration files or start with an existing file and make changes, save and send.

Like a map over crossing: street, tram, bike lane, sidewalk, starting point. Build your own map – like a puzzle.
Receives signal from RFID-badge. The response can be for example “Double Green”. Up to three groups of RFID-badges. Separate or same behavior.
For those who puts the hand on Prisma Daps can feel which direction to walk.
Temperature range: -40 to 70 °C
Nice help for anyone but especially for those with hearing or vision impairment. Vibrator gives notification.
You can have a Vibrator function combined with a push button placed underneath.
Blue anodization
Gold anodization
Yellow varnished
Gray varnished
Other colours on request
Push front: Blue anodization, Black anodization or with passive front without function

At the side of Daps there is a impression to place relief symbols or a decorative profiles.
Passive front:
Gold anodization
Blue anodization
Relief symbols: Yellow plastic or in Gold anodization aluminum.