Pedestrian Signals and so much more

Prisma Teknik is a  market leading company  in the North when it comes to dominate the pedestrian signals. Through a skilful and close collaboration with organisations among other for visual and hearing impaired in the country, has this product developed to become well known that we have more than 95% of the market in North. Besides the North, there exist products from Prisma Teknik, closer to 100 countries.

Prisma Daps

Prisma Daps

  • Developed collaboration together with visual and function impaired people that had good and useful ideas.
  • The first generation pedestrian signal is called in Swedish short for “TS”. We want to clarify it is about the Swedish manufactured pedestrian signal from Tibro therefore we like to use the complete name: Prisma Daps TS.
  • The second generation is often only called for “Daps” (digital accoustic Pedestrian Signal).
    The main difference are the possibilities that exist to change and program settings on a handheld computer.
Prisma DI

Prisma DI

  • This product family turns to the ship trade. Measuring instrument for very big engines.
  • DI is short for Deflection Indicator
  • The complete name for the product family is Prisma DI
  • To the product family includes Prisma DI Ovality Kit it is equally easy as it’s intelligent ovality indicator.
  • In common for this instrument is the very high accuracy: 1/1000 mm.
Prisma Button

Prisma Button 

  • Push buttons with intelligent functions
  • Setting possibilities with dip-switch
  • Tough, sensitive and reliable