Prisma Light Elton in RAL7035

More than standard. The color of Prisma Light Eltons chassis is RAL7024 as standard. Many are surprised when we report that we can offer more colors than that. The color that most people request other than standard is *drumroll*… RAL7035.

Wait a second… what is RAL?

When did we start to separate colors using numbers instead of letters? Since 1925, is the short answer. The longer answer contains a definition of RAL, which is a European color matching system. The system was created to easily define different colors. In the beginning, there were 40 colors – but now almost 200 (!) colors are included in what nowadays is called RAL Classic. RAL is standard when it comes to choosing colors within construction and industry.

In plain English

RAL7035 is a lighter grey in comparison to RAL7024. To obtain a more traditional feel for your outdoor lighting, RAL7035 is the natural choice.

In connection to pedestrian crosswalks, another color option is popular. The color is RAL5017, but it is usually called “Traffic Blue”.
Are you unsure of which color to choose for your area? Welcome to contact us, and we will help you further.
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