Prisma Light contributes to the SDGs

Our outdoor lighting has several features that contribute to the global goals. For luminaires, the main focus is primarily on energy efficiency, saving energy through measures such as nighttime reduction or presence control. However, there are other areas where Prisma Light can contribute:

Prisma Light meets these goals

Function Goal SDGsClick here | Function Goal SDGs
SDGs Goal 7Prisma Light SDGs Goal 7
SDGs Goal 9Prisma Light SDGs Goal 9
SDGs Goal 11Prisma Light SDGs Goal 11
SDGs Goal 12Prisma Light SDGs Goal 12
SDGs Goal 13Prisma Light SDGs Goal 13
SDGs Goal 15Prisma Light SDGs Goal 15
Prisma DapsPrisma Daps • Pedestrian Signal • SDGs
Prisma DIPrisma DI • Crankshaft deflection indicator • SDGs
Prisma ButtonPrisma Button • Elbow switch • SDGs