Birdprotection Level 1

“Oh, it hurts”

The characteristic birdspikes are Prisma Eliotts most efficient protection against contamination.
Contamination is a problem for all luminaires outside and streetlights are no exception.
Some choose not to mount the birdspikes (they come along together with the plugs if the case is prepared for the birdspikes/plugs). The reason why some don’t mount them is because som say that You see them too much.
Most don’t agree, because the luminaires are often so high up in the air that no one except the birds discover them.
But as described: the customers choose them selves to mount the birdspikes or the plugs.

Birdprotection Level 2

“Oh, this is uncomfortable and slippery”

For those customers that when ordering haven´t decided what type of birdprotection they want, can then decide later if they want birdspikes or plugs. Even the plugs gives some protection because “the comb” or “the back” as some say, even with the plugs isn´t a nice place to land or to sit on.

Birdprotection Level 3

“No, I can´t get a grip with the claws”

Plane case. As the picture shows. No comb/back, just a plane surface.
Even the plane case is a strong protection against birds and contamination through its slippery surface and domed shape.


A three level birdprotection.