Prisma DI: Two types of transducers

Prisma DI is a measuring device for measuring crankshaft deflection in very large combustion engines, on vessels or in power plants.
For the largest engines, we offer a 89 mm transducer. For smaller engines, we offer a 60 mm transducer – Small. 

Item numbers

89 mm transducer: 412-2005
60 mm transducer: 423-3005

Transducer Tip Standard, equipped with 89 mm transducer: 412-2214
Transducer Tip 17 mm, equipped with 89 mm transducer as an option: 434-4758
Transducer Tip Small 7 mm, equipped with 60 mm transducer: 423-3242

If you have multiple Prisma DI instruments, make sure that you don’t confuse the 60 mm transducer with the 89 mm transducer as using both types on the same Prisma DI instrument should be avoided.


> Contact Harut Pdrossian, Product Manager Prisma DI.