Prisma DI contributes to the SDGs

When an engine fails, it results in excessive greenhouse gas emissions. This is something that Prisma DI can prevent, simply through a single measurement. Click on the boxes to learn more about how the measuring device can contribute to the global goals.

Prisma DI meets these goals

Function Goal SDGsClick here | Function Goal SDGs
SDGs Goal 7Prisma DI SDGs Goal 7
SDGs Goal 8Prisma DI SDGs Goal 8
SDGs Goal 12Prisma DI SDGs Goal 12
SDGs Goal 13Prisma DI SDGs Goal 13
SDGs Goal 14Prisma DI SDGs Goal 14
Prisma DapsPrisma Daps • Pedestrian Signal • SDGs
Prisma ButtonPrisma Button • Elbow switch • SDGs
Prisma LightPrisma Light • Outdoor lighting • SDGs