Prisma Daps touchless demand and Detect 

Prisma Daps 2000•L offers a function that allows you to request the green phase without physical contact with the push button.
The most important benefit is that the request disappears if the person who made the request leaves the intersection – and no one else is waiting for the green signal, of course. 

Swipe for requesting the green phase 

Anyone who wants to cross a pedestrian crossing only needs to swipe the hand in front of the Prisma Daps to request the green phase.
When the request has been registered, Prisma Daps leaves a confirmation in the form of light/sound. 

Settings via Android app 

By using our latest version of Prisma Daps App 2.8, you can easily set different settings. 

  • Touchless demand, distance 50-300 mm 
  • Activation area 
  • Activation time 
  • … and much more! 


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