Since 1987

We have occasionally heard that the pedestrian signals we delivered last century (!) are fulfilling their purpose to this day. Prisma Daps is probably the world’s most advanced pedestrian signal. At the same time, it is the toughest when it comes to being exposed to flooding, dust, and often physical violence, as it continues to serve its important function for all of us road users, regardless of whether we have all our senses intact or not.

Since 2016

Prisma Daps has undergone changes in appearance over the years – but the biggest changes occur “under the hood”. What we would like to highlight right now is that Prisma Daps has been using 70% less power since 2016.

Reasons to take inventory

Meaning that: even though Prisma Daps continues to tick and function 24/7/365, this could be a reason to take inventory – determine their age – to find out which ones may need to be replaced or upgraded to save energy.

More information

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