Prisma Daps error detection even better

Prisma Daps 2000 • L detects internal faults and report them to the traffic controller in case of any failure.
The following components can be monitored

  • Detect sensor 
  • External modules 
  • Amplifier 
  • Speaker 
  • Internal power supply 
  • Configuration file 
  • Audio files 
  • Microphone 
  • NFC 
  • Relay output 
  • Red and green light always off 
  • Red and green light always on 
  • Power supply to the motherboard 
  • Push front
  • Vibrator 
  • Watchdog 


The function is activated in the configuration file via Prisma Daps App 2.8
Compatible with firmware or higher
Recommendation: At least 8-wire cable 


CLICK HERE to download the Prisma Daps App manual and read more about the functions on pages 20-22. 

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