Prisma Daps Detect offers more efficient traffic flow 

If no one is there, the request is getting cancelled.

Have you ever been to that before? 

So, that: the one who pressed (requested) to get the green man shortly after left the crossing?
This has happened to most of the people and creates slight irritation
The result is that vehicle traffic is stopped completely unnecessarily. 

Here is the solution 

Prisma Daps Detect is now available in parallel with the model we have been supplying for over three decades and which now has an extension in its name: Prisma Daps Touch. 

Presence detection 

Pedestrians requesting the green phase by swiping their hand in front of the Prisma Daps Detect.
Prisma Daps Detect detects, in its detection zone, that if there is a person there.
When no one is there anymore: Auto cancellation – like this:
Prisma Daps detects the presence and if it becomes empty of people, a voice message is played that the request will be removed and the light diodes in the front will start flashing.
At the same time, Prisma Daps Detect, which was triggered, communicates with the other Prisma Daps Detect at the intersection to find out “is there a person elsewhere in the intersection who is waiting?”. If it does, the request is retained. If not, it will be removed. 

Better flow, less gas emissions

This leads to fewer unnecessary stops and probably shorter traffic jams.
Which in turn leads to less brake and acceleration = less gas emissions

Useful links 

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