Prisma Daps deactivates demand

Prisma Daps 2000 • L Detect is equipped with presence detection that provides auto cancellation.
This is how it works
When a pedestrian makes a request on Prisma Daps, the unit begins to monitor the presence within the detection zone.
If pedestrians leave the detection zone for any reason (stressed or had other plans), Prisma Daps will, after a while of waiting / patience, cancel the request.
Before the request is getting removed, Prisma Daps announces itself through: 

  • Voice message 
  • Flashing: LED light in front 
  • Flashing: LED light ring

If a person enters the detection zone before the notification time is getting expired, the voice message will stop playing and the front LEDs will then return to a steady light. The same shall apply if any person is waiting at the other Prisma Daps in the same intersection. 

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