RFID tag provides exceptions 

Persons who are equipped with an RFID tag or have access to the vibrator with push function can in this case notify the Prisma Daps Detect to make an exception from the detection zone.
Prisma Daps Detect prioritizes these messages highest, higher than the detection zone. The purpose is so clear: People with impaired vision and / or hearing or other disabilities must still have the accessibility that Prisma Daps offers. 

Prisma Daps can offer 

  • Auto cancellation 
  • Touchless demand
  • Error detection
  • Yellow function 
  • Demand through touching the push front
  • Audible locating sound 
  • Vibrator 
  • Vibrator with push function
  • RFID tag 
  • Programming with an Android app – simple and easy 

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