Road work or pedestrian crossing out of action

Yellow signal/function, is often used when a road is partially turned off or when the crossing signal is out of order.
Pedestrian passenger prompted extra attention.

Possibilities with Prisma Daps

The possibilities are big. For example, use the preinstalled message that warns that the signal is out of order.
Or: Record your own message:

  • “Traffic light is out of order”
  • “Pay attention road works ahead”…
  • “We advice you to cross over this street….”

For the good of everyone

Pay attention to the pedestrians by providing them with  a warning message that will make the crosswalk safer when the signal is out of order.


Field of application spoken messages or sound:

  • Choose from pre-recorded messages or record your own message
  • It is possible to set and use the audio files “Prisma Sound 5” with a pulse frequency of  20ppm.

Prisma Tibro, Sweden | Prisma Daps | USB med parameterfilParameter file on USB

You can also buy a USB-memory with your parameter file (settings file) for the yellow function flexible and easy.
If you wish a special setting on the yellow function we are able to program your Prisma Daps from the factory with a complete parameter file.
You always have the option to change the parameter file with Prisma Tibro app (Android).


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