The small version is finally here!

PrismaTibro is launching now a brand new pedestrian signal which is added to the Prisma Daps 2000-series.
It became a… Small the name is spelled: Prisma Daps 2300•S.

We start with 230

Yes, first to be released is the Prisma Daps 2300•S with power supply 230 V AC and 24 VDC.

How can it be so small?

Unlike the Prisma Daps 2100•L-series and Prisma Daps 2200•M-series so
Prisma Daps 2300•S will not be equipped with locating sound, tactile and visual information.

Replaces popular models

Anyone who likes these models will definitely like the Prisma Daps 2300•S

And it comes in more designs

How to find out the new models?

CLICK HERE to see which Prisma Daps 2000 replaces the previous Prisma Daps TS models


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