Prisma Daps 2300•S-series are programmed manually by 8 dip switches.
Settings are adjusted via dip-switches which can be accessed on the motherboard.

Adjust these dip-switches…

  1. Activates self-locking on the LED Light Ring, LED light in front and GPD-system.
    It turns off at green phase or during power failure.
  2. Activates auto detection of self-locking, alternatively steering gear posture of the LED Light Ring and LED light in front.
  3. Activates extended push. 3 seconds push activates relay 1 for 3 seconds.
    NOTE! If DIP 7 is ON, relay 2 activates instead of extended push. Requirement: 5-wire cable
  4. Activates notification sound with demand from outside – from other Prisma Daps pedestrian signals.
  5. Activates notification sound with demand.
  6. 4-wire cable activates the red error-LED light in front in case of an error.
    5-wire cable activates error signaling with relay 2 during green phase. Also activates that the red LED light in front turns on while an error is detected.
  7. Output relay 2 is also activated with demand.
    NOTE! If DIP 3 is ON, relay 2 activates only at extended push.
  8. The LED Light Ring is always activated.
    NOTE! If the LED Light Ring is not connected, then DIP 8 is used to turn off the error reporting of the LED Light Ring.


CLICK HERE for Manual installation 230 V AC.
CLICK HERE for Manual installation 24 V DC.


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