Indoors or outdoors

Prisma Button is vandal proof. And rain proof, storm proof, sun proof…  Well, it withstands most things that causes damage to other push buttons on the market.
Prisma Button is a product developed by the same team that brought you Prisma Daps – the pedestrian signal, that is spread across the world and is renowned for its durability and long life expectancy.

Push or kick

Push – Set Prisma Button to obey a push. Everything else, like kicking or punching, will be ignored. Excessive violence will even trigger a restart and recalibration. This, and the durable exterior, makes Prisma Button extremely well protected.
Kick – Set your Prisma Button on “Kick”. A common preference of, for example, waiters, who can simply “kick” the door open if their hands are full of plates and dishes. Placed on a suitable height Prisma Button makes life easier, even if your burdens are heavy.