Prisma Button 300


This accessory is exactly what it sounds like – a soft front. Delivered with an optional message through images and/or text.

Appreciated at hospitals

Doors at hospitals are often opened by driving against the door opener with, for example, a hospital bed. It is practical to do it that way and therefore common. Thanks to the Softfronts, there are no marks or inconvenient sounds.

Nurse bed-function

Prisma Button is adaptive. Underneath the shell, there are DIP switches. These make it possible for the installer to change how Prisma Button shall “behave”. One of the functions is our Nurse Bed-function – meaning: depending on how and where you push the elbow switch, different things will happen. The dip-switches offer many possibilities – to see which, look at the picture to the right.

Motive: Image, text

The Softfront, which shall be retrofitted, offers a large flexibility when it comes to motives. At hospitals and in other, bigger buildings, there are often requests for motives which convey some kind of message, for example:
• An image of a wheelchair
• Logo
• Push here!
• Welcome!
• Thanks for your visit


You are welcome to contact us – CLICK HERE – for more information regarding the possibilities with Prisma Button Softfront. 

Prisma Button Softfront
Prisma Button Softfront
Prisma Button
Prisma Button Dip-Switches