Kick the door open

A simple change of settings, using the dip switches within your Prisma Button, will make it allow you to kick it.

Why would I?


This feature is especially appreciated in restaurants, where two hands sometimes aren’t enough.
Waiters, with their hands full of delicious desserts, can simply kick the Prisma Button, to open the door, and make their way to the table full of expectant guests.


It is also appreciated in warehouses, where the kick feature allows you to run over the Prisma Button with a forklift, making the doors open, lights go on or whatever your Prisma Button is controlling.


Prisma Button is also used by security guards in jail, who has their hands full of villains.
They can now kick the door open, not risking their freshly caught villain to escape.


The possibilities with Prisma Button are endless, only imagination sets the limits.