Prisma Button contributes to the SDGs

The elbow switch possesses several features that can contribute to the global goals. For example: the extended push function and kick function both make sure that unnecessary door openings can be avoided, saving energy in line with goal 7. Click on the boxes below to learn more!

Prisma Button meets these goals

Function Goal SDGsClick here | Function Goal SDGs
SDGs Goal 3Prisma Button SDGs Goal 3
SDGs Goal 7Prisma Button SDGs Goal 7
SDGs Goal 10Prisma Button SDGs Goal 10
SDGs Goal 11Prisma Button SDGs Goal 11
SDGs Goal 12Prisma Button SDGs Goal 12
Prisma DapsPrisma Daps • Pedestrian Signal • SDGs
Prisma DIPrisma DI • Crankshaft deflection indicator • SDGs
Prisma LightPrisma Light • Outdoor lighting • SDGs