This is BIM

Short for “Building Information Modeling”, BIM is the concept that allows 3D-models with product information. The method is about to revolutionise the building sector.

Using BIM leads to a better comprehension for both concept and complete construction, which simplifies the work for architechts considerably.

PrismaTibro provides BIMobjects

We now offer our elbow switches, Prisma Button as BIMobjects. Welcome to download these through the links below:

CLICK HERE for Prisma Button 300 as BIMobject
CLICK HERE for Prisma Button 800 as BIMobject
CLICK HERE for Prisma Button 1200 as BIMobject

PrismaTibro provides DWG

Do you use other methods for your projects? We also offer Prisma Button in the format of DWG files.


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