Set up the configuration file with Android app

Then transfer it to Prisma Daps 2000•L by NFC.

What does NFC mean?

It stands for: Near Field Communication.
Communication on short distance.
A wireless technology that is both safe, fast and easy to use.
Place your Android phone or tablet on top of the Prisma Daps 2000•L and click “transfer.”
It will take a few seconds and when the transfer is complete, a confirmation will be sent.

How to set up the configuration file by using Android app?

Easy to create new configuration files or start with an existing file and make changes, save and send. Use Android smartphone or tablet.
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Transfer from the Android app

For Prisma Daps 2000•L the configuration file can be transferred by NFC antenna or USB memory to the Prisma Daps.
For Prisma Daps 2000•M the configuration file can be transferred by USB stick to the Prisma Daps.


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