Mount Prisma Button outdoors

Do you need an elbow switch to be mounted outdoors, perhaps at a school? Prisma Button is well prepared for life outdoors. The only thing that needs to be done for durability is drilling a drainage hole in the marked recess on the bottom lid.
Prisma Button’s IP rating guarantees resistance to both moisture and dust.

A vandal-proof elbow switch

Prisma Button can handle rough treatment and can also react to kicking by activating the kick function. If the kick function is turned off, the elbow switch will only respond to lighter pushes – a way to make any troublemaker tired of violent behavior.

Thanks to active excessive violence protection, Prisma Button restarts when subjected to intense external force and adapts to any deformations, working just like usual again.

Other places than outdoors

Prisma Button can be used in bathing facilities, car washes, hospitals and clinics.
Where would you like to place your Prisma Button?

Contact details and links

> Video demonstrating how Prisma Button withstands vandalism.
> Contact our sales representative, Prisma Button.