Prisma Daps

Longer green phase time for selected users

Very popular in the Nordic region – examples of users who may need longer green phase time:

  • Kindergarten children or other larger groups
  • People with impaired vision
  • People with impaired hearing
  • People with disabilities
  • And more…

Functionality and activation

The extra green phase time is activated with the help of the RFID tag.
It activates by holding the RFID tag close to the Prisma Daps top lid/cover under the red signal.
When the demand is registered, a beep sound is heard from Prisma Daps and the LED on the front lights up.
Which means the user receives both visible and audible acknowledgment.


Prisma Daps 2000•L Series got a built-in NFC reader, which
allows special features to be activated using RFID tag.
CLICK HERE to read more about Prisma Daps 2100•L.


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